Family Pattern Astrological Report (Your Role in the Family Equation)

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I am a professional astrologer born in Romania, currently based in US. I have a bachelor’s degree in law.

I began studying and research astrology for almost 20 years. Starting with 2008, I have been studying with the Faculty of Astrology Studies (diploma level), and since 2011, I am a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers, where I have published several articles. From my research, I concluded that astrology could represent an important complementary tool to any discipline. I have studied thousands of natal charts analyzed for people all around the world.

I am using western astrology, equal house system, and advanced astrological techniques to understand the layers of the human mind and to go deep into any soul's roots. 

My astrological general natal report will provide you a better understanding of your character, inner abilities, relationships with others, and your general path in life. Also, you could comprehend better your life path, why you might have a particular approach to something, or if there is an issue in a specific area of your life. 

I will be happy to assist you with any astrological questions.

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Job Description

This family pattern astrological report is an insightful look into your natal chart in relation to your parents’ natal charts.

It will help you understand not only the relationship you have with your parents but also to detect an eventual “package” (past elements that could challenge your life in a very surprising way). This report is recommended for people with family issues. Also, could very well be applied to people that are stuck in life with a particular issue, broken relationships, addictions, or any other type of problem.  Most of the time, the problems that created an inner tension seem to come from family roots.

For this report, I will combine my own formula, which varies from case to case, depending on the person's circumstances and issue. I will examine the general view of the family, also the psychological understanding of life. The report will reflect your role in the family equation and the possible meaning of your suffering.

If you know deeply the base of your own family relationship with the world (mother and father), you could understand what package they both may give you to carry during this life, what you might need to unfold, to benefit, to use, or to learn. The formula of your bones seems to be mixed elements from both mother and father, so your skeleton could have already a defined form. However, depending on what elements you will add further to your path, you could shape your body and control your future actions.

This family pattern astrological report will be analyzed based on three natal charts (the person in questions and other two, usually parents). If you like to add and take into consideration other people it will be an additional fee of $50 for each extra person).

I treat all my customers with high respect and confidentiality; my astrological work involves maximum attention and the application of an original level of expertise.

I have over 15 years of research experiences in Family Patterns / (four / five generations back, analyzing thousands of family’s roots)

Please note that I do not give any advice. However, my intention is to translate in the best way your astrological configurations, in order to bring clarity and growth.

What you will receive:

A minimum 7 pages in detail, plus the pictures charts that I used. I will add the astrological abbreviations for each paragraph if you like to know from where I have extracted the meanings. So, each paragraph will be supported by the astrological significators.

Information required

Your name and parents (first name or nickname / also your gender)

Date of birth – please spell the date to avoid confusion with foreign dating systems, City and country of birth (examples: June 10th, 1980, New York, USA)

Time of birth for both individuals and if this was AM or PM. Time of birth is crucial. However, if the time of birth is unknown, 12 Noon will be used, although for greater accuracy I will highly recommend the time of birth. If I use noon as an hour of reference, the information will be less accurate. Also, your ascendant probably will not be the correct one.

How you will receive it

You will receive the family pattern astrological report in PDF format in the time frame specified.

Please note that the waiting time is up to 5 business days for this report.

If you are not happy with what you receive, we encourage our customers to contact us immediately.




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