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The Astrology Forecast Report and the Natal Chart

Astrology Forecast Report

The natal chart is a unique map and it is the base of a full astrology forecast report, a precious tool that somebody can have and use during their lifetime. It’s the point where a soul starts to live a new life and it shows the qualities we have to navigate towards our life meanings (vocation). However, the natal chart is just the base; we grow, evolve, change the environment, and so on. But what happens when you turn 20, 30, 40 years old? Should you use the same natal chart? The answer is yes. We can use the same natal chart as a base and in a strong connection to several other methods combined to bring up the clarity of the period in question; they will reveal information about both: the inner and outer landscape of someone. A complete forecasting report is when an astrologer uses in combination 4 other methods: Solar Return, Transits & Lunations, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions.

Practically, we have tools to evaluate our life directions and understand how close we have been going to connect to our life's meaning.

The Solar Return

Therefore: each year of our life has a “new chart” called Solar Return. This method will give us broad themes for the year ahead. It will show where the focus of the upcoming year will be.

Practically, each year we have a new chart, a new ascendant, that could influence how we see the world. Solar Return Chart should be analyzed like a natal chart, and then in combination with the natal chart. 


For an astrology forecast report the transits are important to be analyzed to understand how the outside world can influence us, in which way and how an individual may react to external factors. Not only the planets transiting a specific house are important, but the aspects they make could be crucial, especially if it is about the outer planet in relation with a key planet or angles. Transits to natal planets are particularly noticeable where there is already a natal aspect between the natal and the transiting planet. This doesn’t have the same aspect. So, transits will show new planetary connections and difficulty in incorporating or adjusting to them. .

Transits will emphasize the “month of exactitude''; it will show where a planet will turn retrograde or direct, or when a planet will hit a natal planet.

Additionally, Lunations and Eclipses will always point in advance to a new beginning, a culmination of some situations, a completion, or will unfold clues about future events.

Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions tend to show inner states, indicating where our inner focus is during a particular time. Therefore, Secondary Progressions provides a general overview of the inner qualities of the year. Sun moves like in the secondary progressions. It is always analyzed in connection to the natal chart.

In secondary progressions, we must focus only on the astrological events of that year (or on the ones that took place the year before or will do so the following year. So we will take into consideration the planets that change houses and signs during that particular year.

Therefore, it’s unnecessary to take the outer planets into account by progressions because they move very slowly and rarely have any remarkable activities. It’s important to consider only if they change direction (from retrograde to direct, vice versa) or do something that implies a significant change concerning their natal condition.

Solar Arc Directions

Solar Arc Directions tend to show events. In Solar Arc Directions, only the major aspects must be analyzed.  Solar Arc is used only in conjunction with the natal chart and is not generally analyzed separately.

Retrogradation and nodal axis are not relevant by directions.  

All these methods have different rules to follow, specific degrees to consider when we analyze the aspects. If one planet is important in one method, it may not be as important in another and so on. For instance, the Moon's progression will last only for one month, while the directed Moon will last for a year. Therefore, the Moon in the Solar Arc carries a more powerful focus than the secondary progressed Moon, which is only strong in its effect for approximately one or two months.

Then, there are similarities such as the secondary progressed, and Solar Arc directed MC which is always identical. Also, Directed Sun moves as in the secondary progressions.

All in all, an enormous amount of information is generated when we analyze a natal chart and then prepare an astrology forecast report for a year using transits, solar returns, progressions and directions. In other words, this is the base of an astrological forecasting, or consultation that all professional astrologers should take in consideration. A good astrologer should know how to extract the factor keys, and what is the most important to be pointed out during the period that the customer requests to be analyzed.

Of course, you can request just transits as a method of Forecasting (this is actually the most popular tool that is used nowadays online). However, I have noticed that even transits are not used properly or completely. On the other hand, you as a customer can request a mixed interpretation of Solar Return and Progression if you like to understand the inner level, psychological approach to life.

 You can also request a combination of Transits, Lunations and Directions. All these address events and how the outside world could influence you for the next period.

All in all, I highly recommend the  Full Astrology Forecast Report Interpretation (the combination of 4 methods mentioned above) for one year especially if you like to have a major change in life, such as: career reorientation, changing jobs , relocation, or other changes that you might like to have.  It is also a great report for people that are confused about their life direction, or they find it difficult to cope with various external events.

October 18, 2020

What Does Your Ascendant Sign Mean?

What does your ascendant sign mean
You may have come across it and by now realized its importance but still wondering what does your Ascendant sign mean?The rising sign and any planets in the 1st house describe the image you present to the world. The Ascendant is the most crucial point from the 4 angles. It contains all the information about your deep self. In other words, the Ascendant is the very beginning of your own unique story. It represents the first page of your “book”. What type of “book” do you want to write? Science, action, drama, romance? Perhaps you may want to cover all of them, but what qualities and potential do you really have in order to take a specific direction? Before starting to analyze anyone’s natal chart, it's essential to have a correct start. In other words, you have to locate and identify the character, the quality of that soul, the abilities of that person. You have to see the big picture, each piece of that machine, in order to comprehend how it will function.So, what does your Ascendant sign mean?  If you have the Ascendant in Aries, that means you could be born a leader; you may like to take action and initiate things. You seem to be not easily intimidated; you might have the courage and ambition to compete and to be first. You seem to be a fighter; generally you want to win. If you have the Ascendant in Taurus, you seem to be a very loyal and honest friend. However, you could see the world through a material lens, and you might want stability in life. You may know how to persist, and new changes may not always attract you. It seems vital to have comfort and loyalty. Nevertheless, your identity seems to shine in some particular way.If you have the Ascendant in Gemini, you seem to understand the world from a logical and intellectual view. The informative world seems to be the place where you could live better. Your mind could be alert all the time. You may like to think and re-think, to use your knowledge and continuously learn new things. For this reason, you could be very flexible, very curious and you may tend to run multiple projects at the same time.If you have the Ascendant in Cancer, you seem to be willing to open your heart, and take the first steps towards people in need. You may be sensitive, receptive, and more than that you are open to help. So you could be connected to the outside world by feelings and emotions. Your intuition seems to be an essential tool, so you better listen to your inner voice.If you have the Ascendant in Leo, the life you live seems to be your playground. You seem to be the center of everything, and others may need to play your game in order for them to be accepted by you. Despite your ego and pride, you seem to be the most generous person. You may like admiration, and you might  like to be the best of the best.If you have the Ascendant in Virgo, that means nobody might serve others better then you do. Also, it seems like you don't have a problem with following others suggestions. You could be receptive and analytic, practical, and efficient. You might  have focus and attention for any meticulous job. You could be an excellent intellectual. From my research, I have noticed that famous writers have Ascendant in Virgo. For instance: Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie, Larry Levis (American poet).If you have the Ascendant in Libra, you seem to be the most balanced person. It could be very natural for you to have diplomacy, to cooperate nicely with others. You could be an excellent mediator, peacemaker.If you have the Ascendant in Scorpio, your world is intense and you seem to know how to navigate through deep emotions. You might be not afraid to draw yourself into the most mysterious or secretive world, to swim with your intuition in order to discover your version of the truth. If you have the Ascendant in Sagittarius, you could be tempted to exaggerate, but the idea of exaggeration is because you need to be significant. You might need a space to point far and then to travel to that place. Life may have a philosophical shadow, and you could be religious in your own way. You may have a positive view and optimistic approach to everything that is new.If you have the Ascendant in Capricorn, you could be living in a purely material world, where everything seems to have a price. Your early life could bring you several hard lessons in order for you to achieve superior results later in life. You know how to structure things, how to manage your time, and how to deal with life duties.If you have the Ascendant in Aquarius, you seem to be unique; nobody could have such an original identity. Your mind seems to be abstract; you could function in a very unpredictable way because most of the time, you may not like routines, rules, and old customs. You may like extravagant things, and you could navigate differently than others through life. Your style, your hair, your attitude could be different and could be easily spotted.If you have the Ascendant in Pisces, you seem to be the most sensitive and patient person. You may have the all-human life experiences, especially when it comes to emotions. For these reasons, you understand others' attitudes, even if others can humiliate you. You have compassion, and you have a lot of love to share. When you are tired of the outside environment, you could navigate in your imaginary space where you can see the bright things that are not visible for everybody.All in all, the Ascendant in astrology is as important or even more than your horoscope sign. That is why is good to understand what does your ascendant sign mean. It’s the starting point of your life project. You are the creator of your own life. It’s important to know why you like to approach things in a very particular way. It’s important to understand the first step of your temptations. It’s like you open a door in a specific, unique style. Where will your steps take you further depends on your inner qualities.
May 19, 2020

Astrology Compatibility by Date of Birth – How It Can Help?

Astrology Compatibility by Date of Birth

Many couples wonder whether or not their love will last forever and astrology compatibility by date of birth reports can surely help. Can a person determine if a relationship is meant to last through looking at their astrological compatibility? The answer is yes! Astrology was discovered 2400 years ago by the Babylonians. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Our ancestors and even more so, the people of today look at it regularly for answers, including answers to their love life! Even more, for hundreds of years in some countries, the compatibility between two people has been taken into consideration before the legal marriage commitment.

There are many different kinds of astrology, and it is kind of like an endless black hole that you can get lost in. One subsection of astrology is dedicated to relationships, and how two people will interact in a relationship, which is known as “Compatibility astrology”. This is where astrology compatibility by date of birth reports come in. The most well-known practices of astrology included in this subsection are synastry and composite astrology. Most people are mainly aware of sun sign compatibility, which is when you look at the sun signs of two individuals and compare how they will interact with each other. However, this is solely one small piece of the giant puzzle. There are so many angles from which you can analyze and compare the information from two birth charts. A professional synastry report could delimitate the differences, or what is missing in both of the charts.

Individual elements of a relationship, such as sexual, emotional, or mental attraction, can be looked at through astrology. Also, it’s very important for the needs of each partner, how each one pictures life; what life structures each one has, and how each one cop with the problems. So, a professional astrological synastry can help to understand how a relationship can function better, knowing the strengths and weaknesses that a partner has. For instance: knowing the career aspirations of your partner, you could support his/her needs better, and so you could balance the dynamic of the relationship.

One can also determine what the domestic and family life will be like, regarding what there will be significant disputes and arguments about, and whether or not a marriage will last. Some aspects of one individual’s personality can be in cooperative alignment with another person’s personality. Relationship means doing  things  together, so in the case of good compatibility, both partners may approach life in a similar way. As a result, there is a better chance to have beautiful, happy, and smooth relationships.

If the aspects are at disharmonious alignment, it might indicate a challenging relationship. Usually, there are positive aspects and negative aspects.  Difficult aspects between two charts don’t mean that that relationship cannot not function. However, a challenging relationship is complex and it might need to be analyzed from different perspectives, to better comprehend the root issues. There are some astrologers that are working with family patterns, understanding deeply the cause of repetitive family issues.

A relationship is not a gift, it's a better understanding of two partners, knowing each other better, and working around the minor issues in order not to become  bigger issues. Therefore, a synastry report will  emphasize the potential positive and negative elements of one relationship.

Awareness and understanding of this can be an excellent tool to work through issues in romantic relationships, as well as in family relationships, friendships, and business partnerships! To calculate a synastry or composite chart, you will need each person’s date, time, and place of birth.

Synastry astrology is when you take two people’s natal charts, and you place them together to see and compare the relationship of the planets in relation to each other. For example, Mars represents how a person takes action in life, and in a synastry chart, one can look at how two people will each take action in their way, and how it will affect the relationship. Venus, for example, indicates each person’s particular way of showing values, love and affection. You get harmonious aspects and unharmonious aspects, each leading to a unique manifestation in a relationship between two people.

A Composite chart is where you take two natal charts, and you create a unique chart that is an indicator of the relationship itself. That being said, the actual relationship itself has an individual astrology chart, with its own experiences, luck, fate, strengths, and weaknesses. A composite chart is used to examine the potential of the couple as a whole and what they are capable of achieving in the relationship together. Some people excel at business and money matters when they come together; others can start and raise a family together. The core strengths and purpose of a relationship can be identified through a composite chart.

May 1, 2020

Why Should You Hire An Astrologer?

why you should hire an astrologer

Astrology can provide complex insight if it is used properly and it’s good to know what to expect when you hire an astrologer. People who don’t know much about astrology could be very easily distracted about the real meaning and application of astrology, nowadays. Consequently, they will not know for instance the difference between a random person who wants to affirm and make money fast under the title of an “astrologer” and a professional astrologer that has been trained in this direction and spent considerable time to study, research and understand in depth the ways astrology works .

There are many options available to find out and learn about your natal chart in astrology, and all these options can be overwhelming. There are apps, online horoscopes, professional astrologers, and the list goes on! You could hire a professional astrologer, or you could type your details into a website that generates a free generic computer-generated report. What are the differences if you hire an astrologer to read your chart or get an online horoscope reading for free?

Professional astrologers can give you detailed insights into all areas of your life, including love, relationships, money, work, family, and the list goes on! A professional astrologer will give you many possibilities of how things can play out in these areas of your life, and then you can make decisions and plan accordingly. If you watch the weather report, and you see it is going to rain, you will know to bring an umbrella so that you don’t get wet. Apparently, even if astrologers seem to be like weather forecasters, it’s not that simple. An astrologer is not that magic person that will resolve your love problems or dissolve other issues. It’s not like you take your umbrella and you will be protected and skip several life steps. If you want to reach another level in your life, respectively, to get several steps further, you might need to know how to go through all the weather conditions.

Therefore, the subject is much profound and requires a wide and wise understanding of all the life “precipitations” and conditions. An educated professional astrologer will understand your roots and your life approach, the intensity of your emotions, but it will never advise you because, in astrology like in any other field, there are rules to follow. However, a professional astrologer will deep examine and identify the areas in your life where you are likely to experience problems or struggles. Also, she/he might ask questions around that subject to investigate how you unfold and comprehend that particular problem. The astrologer might give you a lot of perspectives to help prepare you in order to understand your circumstances better. When you understand yourself, your roots, your predisposition, your feelings, you will likely automatically cancel any type of confusion.

So, an astrologer could help you discover yourself and navigate easier from that point on, you can get better clarity of your life.

Many professional astrologers have different other qualifications. This goes both ways, with many well known personalities from other areas using astrology to better understand their clients. For instance, Jung has used astrology in his work. 

An astrologer is not a guide, in simple and correct words is a translator of Ephemeris (a table or data file giving the calculated positions of a celestial object at regular intervals throughout a period). The quality of interpretation also depends on its own life philosophy and experiences.  A professional astrologer will never urge you to do something specific. Each person should be the creator of their own life. Every person seems to have that obligation to learn from different sources. From a self-discovering point, a person may unfold and enjoy real life.

An astrologer can also evaluate the point in time where you are in life using various methods, some astrologer’s even like to combine advanced methods for a better understanding.

All in all, when you hire an astrologer they will indicate which aspects of yourself you need to work on for you to achieve your goals faster. We invite you to explore the service that our astrologers offer: such as relationship, medical, financial, natal, forecasts for a particular time, fertility, and so on.

We love to hear your stories.

Image by Asklepios Wien from Pixabay

April 20, 2020