Astrology Compatibility by Date of Birth – How It Can Help?

Astrology Compatibility by Date of Birth

Many couples wonder whether or not their love will last forever and astrology compatibility by date of birth reports can surely help. Can a person determine if a relationship is meant to last through looking at their astrological compatibility? The answer is yes! Astrology was discovered 2400 years ago by the Babylonians. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Our ancestors and even more so, the people of today look at it regularly for answers, including answers to their love life! Even more, for hundreds of years in some countries, the compatibility between two people has been taken into consideration before the legal marriage commitment.

There are many different kinds of astrology, and it is kind of like an endless black hole that you can get lost in. One subsection of astrology is dedicated to relationships, and how two people will interact in a relationship, which is known as “Compatibility astrology”. This is where astrology compatibility by date of birth reports come in. The most well-known practices of astrology included in this subsection are synastry and composite astrology. Most people are mainly aware of sun sign compatibility, which is when you look at the sun signs of two individuals and compare how they will interact with each other. However, this is solely one small piece of the giant puzzle. There are so many angles from which you can analyze and compare the information from two birth charts. A professional synastry report could delimitate the differences, or what is missing in both of the charts.

Individual elements of a relationship, such as sexual, emotional, or mental attraction, can be looked at through astrology. Also, it’s very important for the needs of each partner, how each one pictures life; what life structures each one has, and how each one cop with the problems. So, a professional astrological synastry can help to understand how a relationship can function better, knowing the strengths and weaknesses that a partner has. For instance: knowing the career aspirations of your partner, you could support his/her needs better, and so you could balance the dynamic of the relationship.

One can also determine what the domestic and family life will be like, regarding what there will be significant disputes and arguments about, and whether or not a marriage will last. Some aspects of one individual’s personality can be in cooperative alignment with another person’s personality. Relationship means doing  things  together, so in the case of good compatibility, both partners may approach life in a similar way. As a result, there is a better chance to have beautiful, happy, and smooth relationships.

If the aspects are at disharmonious alignment, it might indicate a challenging relationship. Usually, there are positive aspects and negative aspects.  Difficult aspects between two charts don’t mean that that relationship cannot not function. However, a challenging relationship is complex and it might need to be analyzed from different perspectives, to better comprehend the root issues. There are some astrologers that are working with family patterns, understanding deeply the cause of repetitive family issues.

A relationship is not a gift, it’s a better understanding of two partners, knowing each other better, and working around the minor issues in order not to become  bigger issues. Therefore, a synastry report will  emphasize the potential positive and negative elements of one relationship.

Awareness and understanding of this can be an excellent tool to work through issues in romantic relationships, as well as in family relationships, friendships, and business partnerships! To calculate a synastry or composite chart, you will need each person’s date, time, and place of birth.

Synastry astrology is when you take two people’s natal charts, and you place them together to see and compare the relationship of the planets in relation to each other. For example, Mars represents how a person takes action in life, and in a synastry chart, one can look at how two people will each take action in their way, and how it will affect the relationship. Venus, for example, indicates each person’s particular way of showing values, love and affection. You get harmonious aspects and unharmonious aspects, each leading to a unique manifestation in a relationship between two people.

A Composite chart is where you take two natal charts, and you create a unique chart that is an indicator of the relationship itself. That being said, the actual relationship itself has an individual astrology chart, with its own experiences, luck, fate, strengths, and weaknesses. A composite chart is used to examine the potential of the couple as a whole and what they are capable of achieving in the relationship together. Some people excel at business and money matters when they come together; others can start and raise a family together. The core strengths and purpose of a relationship can be identified through a composite chart.

May 1, 2020