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We thrive to become the largest and most exclusive astrology marketplace available online and we pride ourselves on connecting elite professional astrologers with our users. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for those looking for astrology services by having the best available astrologers on our site and mediate the transactions whenever is needed. Our team includes professional astrologers able to oversee the services offered on our site.  

It is also our goal to grow the community, promote substantive levels of astrology, to inform the right way of approaching it, and keep our customers as informed as possible. We are confident that the services, books, webinars, and astrology related products we provide accomplish that goal. 

The history of astrology is complex and includes many types, from Western and Chinese to Vedic astrology and more. It also has different branches such as: natal astrology, relationships, medical , fertility, family-pattern, psychic-medium, mundane, horary, astro- psychology, astro-criminology and more. Moreover, there are many astronomical techniques; some astrologers like to combine them all in one forecast, others like to work with them separately.You can find anything you are looking for on Astro30.com. With our easy to use interface, the astrology services that we offer on our site are grouped according to your exact need and interest.  

Our team will work to provide better clarity and quality about astrology. We strive to ensure that we provide various verified options for you to choose the exact services you desire. You can feel confident and safe knowing that you are being taken care of throughout the process of buying and getting your order.  If you don’t know what type of astrology you need, or if you have questions in terms of our services, please feel free to contact us ! We can find the perfect astrologer to work with you. Thank you for visiting us and exploring our astro marketplace!

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